Moore’s 2018 CSR + Team building


We are back with another CSR project and this year we had planned to do beach cleaning as well as combining a team building event after our project.

Our president this year Mr. Johnson had kindly arranged for us to team up with a local hotel nearby to clean the beach area in Port Dickson. For a more efficient job, our team members were divided into pairs and with our gloves up and carrying a black plastic bag we marched on the beach to pick up rubbishes that were left behind by people.

After approximately 2 hours of cleaning, we weigh our rubbish bag that had been packed with empty water bottles, styrofoam containers, and plastic wastes to see which team bagged the most rubbish for a prize later.

We filled our stomachs at a nearby Thai restaurant and ready to check-in to our homestay that’s near the beach. After doing some BBQ prep work together we started off with a game session that’s organised by our staff to encourage team effort and most importantly we had fun.

We concluded the day with BBQ session in the evening with good food, some games, and lively neighbour house parties. Overall a success and fun day.

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