Moore’s 2016 CSR


Our CSR project for the year 2016 has been chaired by our staff Ms. Canix and after undergoing a few meetings and site survey we have decided to help Rumah Charis, home for the aged and children.

For this project we have decided to provide support in the form of supplies such as food and beverages as well as spending quality time with them, also special thanks to Ms. Canix friend Mr. Chong Voon Siong & family for sponsoring mosquito fogging service.

Besides that we had also set a theme for the interactive activities to be “green” as part of the initiative to go green and save the environment.

On the day 12 March 2016 we arrived at Rumah Charis we had a tour around the house to understand their life. After that we had setup the games to play and interact with the children there such as building using scrap materials(recycle papers, plastic bottles etc) and painting them with fresh supplies of stationery. This activity promotes the creativity of the children as well as giving us the opportunity to interact and play with them.

After game session we called in for the delivery of food and ate alongside with them. From this session we were able to saw how disciplined the children were and how organised the house workers to facilitate the lunch session. Upon finishing our meals and tidying up the place we part our ways with the children and the house. Overall it was tiring yet fun to interact with the children and it reminded us that we should always help the needy whenever we can as it will bring them joy and hope to be a better person.


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